Asian Chicken Salad


There is nothing that kills me more than having to stand over a hot stove during the summer heat.  I usually use this as my excuse to eat out as often as possible in the summer, HELLO LOBSTER ROLLS EVERY NIGHT!!!  While I am not complaining about butter and lobster being my primary food groups this summer, my bank account isn’t too happy.  With a strict limit on one lobster roll a week (sigh…) I have been trying to get a little bit more creative with some easy no cook recipes and this one quickly became a favorite.

I have always been a huge fan of those pre-cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery store.  Not only are they super moist (yes I went there and used the “m word”) but, they are PRE-COOKED!  How can you go wrong? They are definitely a grocery staple for me for quick easy dinners like this one.

No Cook Recipes on FOX61


Click the photo above for my fun segment on Fox 61 on no cook recipes!

White Beans and Shrimp


This is one of those recipes that was the result of a hot, lazy day with slim pickings in the fridge.  That seven o’clock belly grumble caused me to be a bit creative in the kitchen with some kick ass results.  I always keep a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer and canned white beans in my pantry for quick proteins, add those with my trusty parmesan cheese and some other random ingredients I luckily had on hand for a dinner that is perfect as a leftover a beach lunch.  (If you even have any leftovers)

Breakfast Stuffed Peppers


I have never been one to skip breakfast.  However, mornings have been getting busier and busier lately.  Between blog meetings, MOH duties and morning workouts, I have been relying on on Daily Harvest smoothies and Perfect bars to help fuel my mornings.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t wishing I could enjoy a nice hot, filling breakfast, especially until spring decides to finally show up.  Its why I am so excited about this easy reheat and eat breakfast.  The bell peppers make the perfect little edible container for this protein packed breakfast.

Fruit Leather


I definitely grew up in a house where fruit roll ups and gushers were major treats.  Now, I am not even sure if they still make these sugar filled snacks anymore.  However, now and then I do find myself craving something chewy and sweet.  I love this recipe that is low in processed sugar and high in fiber and filled with vitamins!  You can totally mix it up with what fruits you use depending on what you have on hand but  I love the tartness of the berries with the sweet flavors of the mango.  The only downfall of the recipe is it require a great deal of patience.  But aren’t all good things worth the wait?

Cinco de Mayo: Recipes for a Mexican Fiesta

PC: Fork Vs Spoon

PC: Fork Vs Spoon

Who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo, I mean , it is a holiday centered around tacos and tequila!  I just love that it is an excuse to eat yummy food and celebrate the warm weather with friends.  Best part is, this year it is on a Friday!!!  Woohoo!  Break open the piñatas and get ready for a fun night of celebrating with some of my favorite south of the boarder recipes! Ole!

Margs and More:

PC: Gimme Some Oven

PC: Gimme Some Oven

Taco’s Por Favor:












Beyond the Taco Shell:

PC: Adore Foods

PC: Adore Foods


Dulce Desserts:


White Bean Dip


We are a hummus household, going through container after container each week.  This week I decided to switch it up and make my own protein rich dip with white beans.  Not only was it a major hit as our snacks but was a family favorite at Easter.  I like mine with radishes and blue corn tortilla chips, but this would be great spread on a veggie sandwich or even smeared on some chicken breast for an easy lunch!  Happy dipping

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs


I may be 26 years old but I will never give up the tradition of dying Easter eggs.  First of all, it guarantees that I have tons of hard boiled eggs for the week and most importantly it gives me an excuse to lay the newspaper down and get messy.  This year, I decided to try something new.  Rather than those bright, store bought kits (with God only knows what chemicals) I decided to make my own dyes out of vegetables, herbs, and even coffee!  The results: gorgeous pastel eggs and beet salad for lunch with the leftovers!

What I’m Loving Lately-April ’17



Missing Richard Simmons Podcast

Call me a freak but after listening to this podcast I have been obsessed with what the heck could have happened to Richard Simmons.  We listened to this podcast on a a trip to New Hampshire and it has been all Chad and I have talked about since.  I never thought I would be so interested in a podcast but the creator, Dan Taberski, did a great job not only showing what a giving and flamboyant man Richard was, but left us seriously wondering where on earth Richard may be.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This is one of my favorite reads in the health and wellness world.  Cameron does such a great job creating an easy, approachable read.  She explains the link between nutrition and its role on the body, through both her personal experiences and evidenced based information.  Self love is a continual theme throughout the book.  Rather than a book to help provide diet tips and workout tricks, her bubbly personality helps provide a body positive message to love and embrace the body you have; to use food and fitness as a way to empower and build a better you.

Daily Harvest

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this service.  Fresh, organic fruit and veggies smoothies delivered to my door make me feel like a rich, spoiled celebrity.  I currently, have a freezer stocked with yummy smoothies, all I have to do is pull it out of the freezer, add almond milk, blend and pour back into the portable cup they come with.   This service makes eating healthy and fresh ingredients super easy and tasty. I love being able to have a quick on the go, organic smoothie. I seriously cannot wait until my next delivery!


Fun Lunches on CT Style

So much fun being back with my friends on CT Style!  Check out the link to the segment here!