About The Little Chef

Hey There and welcome to The Little Chef that Could!

My name is Taylor and I joined the food blogging world back in college. As a Registered Nurse and self proclaimed health nut I began transforming some of my favorite guilty pleasures into recipes that not only tasted amazing but were also loaded with essential wholesome ingredients. After exhausting the ears of
my family and friends of tales of my nutritious creations, I decided to join the world of blogging. From

there, I have been blessed with many opportunities to share my recipes through television and print.

My life does not slow down, between working as a registered nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital, squeezing in an occasional run or two, maintaining a newspaper column, and trying to maintain the social life of a twenty something year old, I will be the first to say finding time to create nutritious recipes can be challenging. That is why I promise each of this recipes are quick, simple, and most importantly delicious. I am “The Little Chef That Could” and you can be too! I promise that these recipes can be transformed into nutritious, satisfying meals in a little IMG_4576amount of time, on a little budget, and in little spaces.  I am just a simple every day girl with the same tight budget and chocolate cravings as most people and I promise you can make this healthy eating thing work too!

The Fun Stuff About The Little Chef:  I believe that dancing around with a hairbrush microphone can cure any problem,  snuggles with my Pippa Pup are the only way to fall asleep,  cookies are better before they reach the oven, hydrangeas are the best flowers, red wine tastes better than white, but nothing beats a good Bloody Mary, nothing is more beautiful than blue New England salt waters laced with sail boats, reality TV (while arguably unimportant) is a necessity after a long day, the comfiest PJ’s (mine are “Hello Kitty”) beat out the most fashionable outfit, Dorothy had it right:  there is no place like home, and the power of a stranger’s smile can change just about anything!


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