What I’m Loving Lately-April ’17



Missing Richard Simmons Podcast

Call me a freak but after listening to this podcast I have been obsessed with what the heck could have happened to Richard Simmons.  We listened to this podcast on a a trip to New Hampshire and it has been all Chad and I have talked about since.  I never thought I would be so interested in a podcast but the creator, Dan Taberski, did a great job not only showing what a giving and flamboyant man Richard was, but left us seriously wondering where on earth Richard may be.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This is one of my favorite reads in the health and wellness world.  Cameron does such a great job creating an easy, approachable read.  She explains the link between nutrition and its role on the body, through both her personal experiences and evidenced based information.  Self love is a continual theme throughout the book.  Rather than a book to help provide diet tips and workout tricks, her bubbly personality helps provide a body positive message to love and embrace the body you have; to use food and fitness as a way to empower and build a better you.

Daily Harvest

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this service.  Fresh, organic fruit and veggies smoothies delivered to my door make me feel like a rich, spoiled celebrity.  I currently, have a freezer stocked with yummy smoothies, all I have to do is pull it out of the freezer, add almond milk, blend and pour back into the portable cup they come with.   This service makes eating healthy and fresh ingredients super easy and tasty. I love being able to have a quick on the go, organic smoothie. I seriously cannot wait until my next delivery!


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