Sick Day Survival

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This past week I have been super sick, I am talking embarrassingly, grossly sick.  Gotta love having UC!  However, after days of nursing sips of gatorade, popping strong antibiotics like candy, and Netflix marathons I am finally on the mend.  Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than feeling like crap! I often forget how much it sucks to be sick until I am hit hard.  Last week was that situation.  Whether you have a cold, a broken heart, a stomach bug, or a super bug like me, here are some of my survival tips for dealing with any sort of illness!


In my opinion, there is nothing more relaxing than a bath. When life sucks seems to make everything in the world ok.  Whether you are a fan of bubbles or bath bombs, taking a bath will just about always make you feel better when you are sick.  The aroma of the bath products and the heat of the water will help your muscles and mind relax.  No bath?  A shower will work almost as well, just pull out the nice smelling soups (I love Johnson and Johnson baby bedtime bubble bath) and relax.  Plus who doesn’t feel better after a good   bath or shower after laying in bed sick all day???

Essential Oils

My essential oils saved my ass when I was sick.  It was the only thing making me feel slightly luxurious (and kept the bedroom from getting totally stinky).  Peppermint oils became my nausea relief, lavender helped keep me relaxed, and lemongrass knocked out the any yucky odors that come with the stomach bug.  Even when I am healthy, investing in a good diffuser is totally worth it.  I find essential oils set a new calming tone to our apartment.

Chicken Soup

We all have our go to sick remedies, my grandmother swears by a baked potato, my uncle a plain hamburger from McDonalds, but nothing seems to the do the trick quite like Chinese chicken and rice soup.  The simple bland flavors, lack of rando ingredients, lean protein, and simple starches make it easy to digest.  The sodium in the soup also helps your body hang onto fluids to prevent further dehydration.  So skip the Campbell’s and go get some simple Chinese take-out.



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