Tip Tuesday 7/19/2016: Fridge Staples


I try my best to be healthy, but it can be hard.  Working 48-60 hour weeks, half marathon training and just living life make it even harder.  I try my best to keep healthy options on hand when I stock our fridge so even on my busiest days I know I can count on something nutritious in my belly.  Apparently I am pretty predictable when it comes to stocking our fridge.  When I told Chad about this post, he was able to quickly ramble off just about all the items on this list.

  • Seltzer– We always have seltzer on hand, I like mine plain with some fresh lemon or lime.  It is the perfect refreshing substitute for sugar filled drinks and waaaay healthier than diet soda.  There are so many fun flavors out there and they also make for great drink mixers!
  • Zucchini– whether I am serializing it, grilling it with some fish, or shredding it for healthy muffins, I love zucchini because it is so versatile and very quick to prepare.  It makes the perfect side for just about any protein and always seems to be super affordable.
  • Berries- Strawberries and blueberries to be exact.  I precut my strawberries on my meal prep day (this helps them last longer) and toss with the blueberries in a big tupperware container.  These are create with yogurt, a post dinner snack for a sweet tooth craving, or thrown above a salad with some fresh goat cheese and almonds.
  • String Cheese– I am a cheesaholic, these little sticks of cheese seem to satisfy my cheese craving without leaving me feeling super gross.  It is the perfect pre-portioned snack to accompany some fresh fruit of veggies.  I try to get the reduced fat ones if possible, my favorite are the cheddar!
  • Eggs– I must eat over a dozen eggs a week.  I always have to buy at least 2 dozen when I do our weekly grocery trip and sometimes we don’t even make it through the week.  I always hard boil at least 6 each week for quick protein packed snacks or for breakfast on the go.  Eggs are also my breakfast staple, when I work I love to make microwaved scrambled eggs!  Super easy, healthy, and a little bit more fun than a boring yogurt or protein bar!
  • Pre-Cut Veggies- During my meal prep day I always peel and chop fresh carrot sticks and cucumbers along with some cherry tomatoes and sugar snap pea’s, I create little veggie snack baggies to eat with hummus or alone for a crunchy snack.
  • Turkey Bacon- I eat turkey bacon with my eggs every morning.  I bake it on a cookie sheet during my meal prep days and have it on hand for breakfasts, it is also great over salads or for a yummy sandwich addition.
  • Parmesan Cheese–  Nutty, salty, rich parm…makes just about any dish better.  Just a little bit of this cheese helps bring a rich flavor to your dinner.  This means you don’t need to break your calorie bank since this cheese has a lot of bang for its buck.  More flavor=less needed=less calories!
  • Olives- I love salty foods, I tend to crave them more than sweet treats.  A few olives from the grocery store olive bar seem to always satisfy my craving without my reaching for a bag of potato chips.
  • Avocado- The superstar superfood! I love to have half an avocado on my salad, on toast, whipped into pesto, or with my eggs,  There are so many ways to eat this fruit to help you get the long list of health benefits it has to offer.  Definitely a staple each and every week for me!


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