Tip Tuesday 2/2/2016: Winning against the Super Bowl Fat Traps




Whether you are cheering for the Panther’s or the Bronco’s there is no question that the cheese filled, carb loaded, fat saturated snacks associated with the biggest game of the season are not only tempting but downright addictive.  Once you start, its hard to stop munching on the chips and dip, pizza, and bacon loaded potato skins.  While I believe in everything in moderation, there is not better motivation than a NFL player’s cute butt,  here are some of my favorite tips to stay healthy during the Super Bowl!

Veg it Up

  • Try to add some filling fiber and nutrients to your snacking.  Instead of the boring old ranch and veggies combo, try sliced veggies with a layer Greek dip, low cal spinach artichoke dip, or even sneak some in with some cauliflower crust pizza.

Be a Protein Powerhouse

  • Protein digests slower other macronutrients, keeping you fuller longer.  Try to snack on protein rich chili (or better yet, turkey chili) with fat satisfying avocado.  Even a sub with the top bun removed is a healthy and filling snack option that is sure to get your protein fix in,.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

  • Obviously it is important to be sensible.  However, will this girl be feeling the guilt after indulging in a giant plate of nacho’s?  No way Jose!  Instead, I know to eat sensibly and smart throughout the day before the party, that way at least I maintain some balance in the day and no guilt I the morning.

Keep the Drinking Light

  • Nothing says the Super Bowl more than Budweiser, and they do a great job of reminding you that during the commercial breaks.  However, try to drink a lighter beer to prevent the extra carbs and calories, surprisingly, Guinness is a healthier drinking option than many popular IPA’s and is a nice change up from the usual Michelob Ultra.

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