Holiday Survival 101


With the holiday invitations rolling in its easy to start to feel our pants begin to tighten.  Don’t worry, I have your back, follow these tips for surviving the holiday party season without the obligatory morning after food remorse.

Skipping Stinks:

  • We have all thought the dangerous thought, “If I don’t eat anything all day, then once I hit the party I can eat and drink all I want!” Oh, what an innocent thought.  If only it were that simple.  Instead, we end up making a nose dive at the first glance of pigs in a blanket, scramble for the cheese platter and by the time we hit the dessert table our true animalistic nature is revealed.
  • Instead of fasting all day and potentially losing some dignity after an unwarranted binge, cut out the refined carbs and sugar for the day, maybe a salad with tons of lean protein or a broth based soup for lunch or and a handful of almonds as a snack?  Since protein metabolizes slower than other macronutrients, you don’t have to worry about blood sugar spikes and can make rational food related decisions.

Sip Smartly:

  • With cocktails almost as pretty as the tinsel on the trees, is is often hard to resist the temptation.  Alcohol slows down digestion, is filled with empty calories and causes us to often make poor dietary choices. A good rule of thumb is either one cocktail or 2 glasses of wine or beer.  Using seltzer to dilute your favorite cocktail adds fun with fizz and keeps the calorie count down.  Better yet, opt for a mocktail, a splash of cranberry, squeeze of lime juice and tons of bubbly seltzer for a guaranteed fresh start to your morning.  

Dress to Impress:

  • This is a simple trick:  dress hot! Chances are, if you are rocking your favorite LBD or those jeans that make your booty look just right, you’re going to be less likely over indulge.

Schedule a Workout:

  • If you know you have to get your butt up for a workout, there are high odds you will put that extra drink down or rethink sampling the crab cakes.  With a scheduled workout in the books, especially one with a cancellation fee or with a buddy, you have as close to a guarantee that you will be working off any dietary indiscretions.

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