Barre Hopping

IMG_3173Who doesn’t want the lean, long lines of a dancer?  I know this girl does!  The latest fitness craze, ballet barre, uses repitions with light weights, pilates inspired movements, and a ballet barre to create the silhouette of a dancer’s body.  When I discovered there was a class close by, I had to try it out!

Barre at the Green, in Guilford, CT, left me feeling long, toned and very much like a ballerina.  I even made sure to have my hair in a ballet bun for my first class.  Hey, I had to dress the part!  Taught by Simone Gell, this class had a very traditional feel.  With strong attention to form and detail, I spent a great deal of the class perfecting my moves.  I learned to pay attention to how my body alligned, something that surprisingly did not come natural to this ex-figure skater.  With grippy socks on my feet, I got my sweat on, who would have thought that such a low impact exercise would make my heart pound?  The small movements used muscles that I did not even know existed and left me with some serious jello arms post workout.  With a serious burn, lots of fun, and a better understanding of my body mechanics, it is safe to say I will be back very soon for another class at Barre at the Green.


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