Movin’ and Groovin’


A few weeks ago, I ventured into the Manhattan fitness scene, in a nutshell I exercised my way through the city.  Talk about being able to guiltlessly eat my way through the city, first stop Nobu! There was no way I was going to head into the Big Apple without trying AKT In Motion!  This interval dance class combines many strength training exercises with fun dance moves to keep your heart pounding and face smiling.  Developed by Anna Kaiser, who trains Kelly Rippa (hello flawless physique),  this class syncs cardio, strength, and a bit of flexability with rockin’ beats and all under a diso ball (I know, could it sound any more fun?!?)

I am no dancer, there is an obvious reason I don’t zumba, and the thought of having to follow the rythm and movement of the instructor is enough to make me reach for some ativan.  However, with our patient instructor, Jonathan, this class was not intimidating and actually encouraging and empowering as I fought my fear of dance, and attempted to learn the choreographed moves while integrating pushup and plank variations.  With new “dance routines” cycled every 2 weeks, I suggest trying a class in the beginning of the cycle so you can learn along with the others, rather than catch the tail end of things like me!  Either way I promise you’ll have fun as you wiggle your hips, throw your hands in the air, and maybe do a few pushups and planks all under the shimmer of a disco ball!

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