SHIFTing my A** into Gear


I have discovered the shoreline’s best kept fitness secret and I am addicted.  I am officially a SHiFTer! SHiFT  Cycling in Guilford has become by fitness obsession.  I had always been a fan of indoor cycling in college and rediscovered my love of it during my stay at Canyon Ranch.  Super bummed that there were no indoor cycling classes in the area, it is safe to say ecstatic does not even begin to describe how I felt when I discovered SHiFT.  With upbeat music and instructors who seem to empower you through your entire 15-20 mile ride, it’s more like a party on a bike than a workout class.  Throughout the hour long candlelit workout, you’re reminded to remember why you came to the class and that “if you don’t challenge yourself you can’t change!”  Not only does SHiFT give the most incredible physical results (hello abs!) but the emotional aspect of the class is the perfect release of any positive or negative energy the day has brought.  The competitive nature of my personality loves the leaderboard which displays your stats throughout the ride and even emails you your miles ridden, average RPM’s, and calories burnt.  From the moment you walk in, to your descent down the stairs where a sign saying “You did it” hangs,  you are encouraged every step of the way.  It is safe to say I am a SHiFTer!  I am even more excited to announce that I will be blogging for SHiFT so be sure to check out their site soon to see the ramblings of a SHiFT addict!

For more information check out their website!


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