SHREDing it Up!


AHHHH!  The cardio queen has stepped out of her comfort zone, and let me tell you, there is no looking back!  With constant cardio 6 days a week, my heart has gotten stronger and stronger with each run or time spent on the arc trainer; my gams aren’t looking too shabby either, but it was time to tone the rest of my body up, especially my arms and core.  Trying to create a complete sense of balance in my life, I realized it was important to balance my cardiovascular endurance with some nontraditional weight training.  When I was at Canyon Ranch Miami, one of my fitness instructors suggested TRX training once a week and promised I would quickly see results.  I’ll try anything once, and in this case, definitely more than once!

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical walking into SHRED training  the brightly colored yellow TRX suspension trainers were not only intimidating but would quickly be my frenemy for the next hour.  TRX training was developed by a Navy SEAL (so you know it has to be badass) and encompasses the strength, balance, core stability, and some flexibility all at once, and boy do you feel a burn.  Not wanting to dabble in a new exercise all alone, I recruited my fit friend Jason to join me.  To his demise, and my enjoyment, a small amount of running was involved.  Everything about this workout kept my heart pumping during the full hour of mountain climbers, wall balls, and push ups.  Thanks to the afterburn effect, my body’s metabolism was put into a new gear hours after the class had ended and continued to burn fat much longer than my usual cardio sessions.  i think the best part of this class  experience was Jenn, the instructor, who continued to motivate our group to push hard and stronger and did it without scaring the crap out of us! Can I move today?  Barely and I love it!  I can honestly say that I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone and can feel my body reaping the benefits.  I am a big believer that stepping out of any comfort zone can be the most empowering gift you can give yourself and SHRED left me with a new inner confidence (and some hopefully toned arms!)


For more information on SHRED-training check out their website!

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