Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling can be exhausting and definitely dangle some poor health temptations in front of you!  I just got back from a very relaxing (and warm) trip to Florida!  People always ask how I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.  Here are some of my favorite tips!


Taylor’s Top Healthy Traveling Tips:

  1. I love to bring a packet of instant oatmeal (just watch the sugar content).  You can ask the flight attendant for hot water, they have it to make tea, and you have a whole grain, fiber filled, low calorie snack.
  2. Rather than sit and wait for an hour at your gate, get moving!  I love to walk around the airport, not only to get some exercise but to get my fair share of prime people watching!
  3. I always bring an empty water bottle with me, as long as it is empty is passes security guidelines.  Starbucks is always willing to fill it up for me, after all its eco friendly too!
  4. You will never see me flying without an orange in my bag, I tend to get super dehydrated when flying, oranges are filled with water and I find hydrate me more than other fruits.
  5. Skip the free snacks on the plane, they are either loaded with carbs or fat and bring your own snacks such as low fat string cheese, sliced fruit or whole grain crackers!


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