Walking Taco’s for Super Bowl on FOX 61


Fun at Fox 61 as we get ready for the Super Bowl!  Check out the portable taco, perfect for game day!  Link in the photo!

Oven Baked Buffalo Wings (Whole 30 Approved!)


Who doesn’t love a good buffalo wing?  It’s hard to hate that messy, sloppy, spicy buffalo perfection that seems to go hand in hand with a cold beer and football (or any sport for that matter!)  After some serious experimenting in the kitchen, I learned how easy it is to get that just out of the fryer taste straight from my oven.  Chad and I definitely polished off a whole recipe’s worth while cheering on the Giant’s a few weekends ago. We may have used a whole roll of paper towels to clean up our orange mess but there was no remorse just happy bellies and smiling orange faces.



Cranberry Sage Quinoa Stuffing


With Thanksgiving days away, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in a  slight depression about the lack of gluten filled stuffing I won’t be able to dig into.  Yes, there are quite a few gluten free stuffing options out there, all ridiculously over priced and with a not so appealing texture…gross!  I decided to stray from the box and make a quinoa “stuffing” to help fill my Thanksgiving plate and belly.

Friendsgiving on FOX CT

Had a blast cooking up friendsgiving recipes with my friends at FOX CT! Click the photo below to check it out!



Thanksgiving Favorites


To help you take the stress off your Thanksgiving planning, here are a few of my favorite turkey day recipes:








Thanksgiving Memories

So many Thanksgiving memories, tips, and advice and so blessed to have contributed to this great article!  Check it out here!



Instant Noodle Mason Jar’s


Remember those super salty, Styrofoam “instant lunches”?  The cute, perfect, little meal.  Ideal for dorms dinners, office lunches, and battling hangovers; I would be lying if I didn’t admit to once having a slight love affair with instant ramen.  I think it was that infamous New Year’s scene from Sex and the City where Carrie eats her “cup noodles” in her sequin hat that sparked my obsession.  That obsession was short lived when I read the nutritional information and decided there was nothing very glamorous about this convenience food, until now.  With a little help from a mason jar, my newest lunch infatuation is the more nutritional instant lunch.  Versatile, easy, and convenient, I have never been more excited for lunch time to roll around.

Apple Crisp


Growing up in New England in the fall meant one thing:  apple crisp, after school, every day.  My mom makes the best apple crisp and still makes it when I come to visit during the cold fall months.  Loaded with tons of spices and a buttery crumb topping it is comfort food at its finest.  After going gluten free recently, I was so upset that the usual oat topping would be off limits, after all, what is fall in Connecticut without warm apple crisp at night?  I was super excited to find gluten free oats at Trader Joe’s and with little added sugar this makes the perfect dessert with a scoop of ice cream or even a fruit and fiber filled breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Kale Cookies


The thought of a chocolate chip cookie being ruined with healthy, green kale is almost enough to make even the cookie monster take his hand out of the cookie jar.  However, this cookie is no cookie anyone  wants to walk away from! I was not only able to get my reluctant boyfriend to eat almost half a batch during my recipe testing, but now have him requesting them regularly.   With sprinklings of kale, oats, and heart healthy coconut oil, these cookies are sure to change the perception of wholesome eating and will definitely make you question your previous conceptions of kale. Now you don’t have to sip on a green smoothie or crunch and munch on a massaged kale salad to get the long list of health benefits of this very trendy leafy green!

Mexican Stuffed Peppers


I recently had a wonderful experience!  I was able to teach a kid’s cooking class at Field House Farm’s in Madison, CT last week.  While this wasn’t the first kid’s cooking class I have taught, this one was a bit more unique.  Not only did we get creative with the farm fresh, local, ingredients, but we got to pick our own kale, explore the chicken coop and select our eggs as well as mingling with the farm animals.  We had a blast, and I can proudly say every little chef tried and approved of our kale cookies!

Being a bit selfish, one of the biggest perks of this cooking class was the fresh produce I was sent home with which included yummy peppers from the garden.  The peppers made for the perfect addition to an easy and budget friendly dinner this week!